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The plant-based option with no compromises

Spix is a superior replacement for animal-based protein with no sacrifices required on taste, texture and characteristics.

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100 % plant-based

Thanks to Spix everybody can enjoy delicious food

Pure potato protein

Feed your body with nutrients from high quality vegan protein

Egg-white replacement

Create that foamy texture without having to use eggs

What is Spix?

Spix is the brand name of potato protein that can be used as a superior replacement for animal-based protein. The Pure Potato Protein can be used as an excellent egg white replacer, a strong binding element for a burger, a thickener of smoothies or as the main ingredient of a protein shake that will also aid muscle regeneration.

→ It's meant for adventurous chefs who want to take their plant-based creations to the next level!

How it works


Spix Protein is a powder substance. You can store it for 5 years if you keep it in a dry, dark and cool spot.

Spix Pure Potato Protein consists of pure potato protein without any additives. Spix Eggless Whites contains a thickening agent (xanthan) and tartaric acid and is ready to use as an egg white replacement for meringue.

Yes, Spix protein derives 100% from potatoes and is not manufactured with products of animal origin.

Spix Pure Potato Protein and Spix Eggless Whites does not contain any allergens.