Take a look at these gorgeous creations! A whole new world of possibilites opens up. Plant-based baking and cooking has never been this fun. No compromises on texture and taste using Spix protein.

It's time to start experimenting! Get inspired and take a look at our recipes.

We ❤ potato protein!

Sponge Cake

Ingredients 15 g Spix eggless whites  210 g sugar 110 g sunflower oil  170 g flour 30 g cornstarch 10 g baking powder 4 g salt 220 ml water  Method Step...

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Vegan Madeleines

Ingredients: 20 g Spix Eggless Whites 130 ml water 130 g margarine  230 g icing sugar 125 g flour 50 g almond flour 1 tsp vanilla extract 4 g salt zest of 1...

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Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Ingredients 300 g vegan whipping cream 200 g dark chocolate 100 g Spix Eggless Whites 50 g sugar Method Step 1: Melt the chocolate to a lukewarm temperature.Step 2: Whip the...

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Vegan Macaron Shells

Ingredients For step 1 150 grams of sugar 50 ml of water Liquid coloring 55 grams of Spix eggless whites   For step 2 150 grams of powdered sugar 150 grams of almonds 55 grams of...

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French Meringue

Ingredients 100 ml water 15 g Spix Eggless whites 115 g granulated sugar 115 g icing sugar 5 g vanilla extract - optional food colouring - optional Method Step 1:...

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