Spix Pure Potato Protein

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    Spix Pure Potato Protein offers a fantastic potential for innovation for cooking and nutrition sectors. From the binding of a burger to the baking of that simple cookie. But also for the implementation of molecular gastronomy or a protein shake that will aid muscle regeneration. The high quality protein is isolated by a unique process using pure and native potatoes as a natural raw material. Therefore it's plant based, and more sustainable than animal-based proteins and a perfect substitute to aquafaba or chickpea water.

The story behind Spix

Alvaro's dream was to make his magnificent macarons accessible for everybody. In order to do so, his macarons needed to be 100% plant-based. After a long search full of setbacks, Alvaro found the perfect substitute of egg white, potato protein!

He partnered with Sarena Solari, a famous Dutch baker and together they've made it their mission to give every adventurous baker/chef the possibility to work with this incredible product. Spix Protein is not only useful for sweet stuff, it is also the perfect ingredient for after-work out shakes and burgers.

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